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Zombicide: Walk of the Dead 2

Zombicide: Walk of the Dead 2

  • $4000

Sculpts are the same as the ones found in Zombicide Season Two: Prison Outbreak, however this box set includes three exclusive sculpts. Zombies break down as 15 Walkers (5 are a mix of 2 Box of Zombies only sculpts) 6 Runners 3 Fatties (2 are a Box of Zombies only sculpt) Spawn Cards (121-132) break down as 6 are additional extra activation and sewer spawn cards, identical to Season 1 and Season 2 extra activation and sewer cards (2 extra activation for Walkers, 1 for Fatties, 1 for Runners, 2 sewer spawn cards). 6 are designed with a slightly different method. While keeping things relatively simple at Blue level, things get a little worse than usual from the Yellow to the Red level. Fatties and Runners come in greater numbers as well.

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