Choose Your Battle

They have a space to play games and the staff are passionate and knowledgable about gaming. What else could you ask for? I bought Magic Maze there and can’t wait to play it with my gaming group in the Blue Mountains.

John Author

Developer, Atlassian

Great atmosphere to learn different games.
Great range of games, game supplies and jigsaw puzzles. 
Nick will do his best to order what you are after.
I would also like to add a thank you to Nick, for providing a place where we can go to play and learn the various games.

David Warburton

Manager, Orange Society of Model Engineers


Warhammer We have the largest range of Games workshop and Citadel products in the Central west. 40K and AOS, starter kits, paint and accessories.  Tables are set up in store with 40K and AoS scenery for players to use. We have access to pre release and new release products (

Jigsaws: we stock Ravensburger and Holdsons puzzles for the quality of their board and variety in images. – The titles change weekly and we try not to repeat them ( (

Board Games:  Co-operative, Competitive, Confrontational, Social Deduction. Sythe, Betrayal, Risk, Ticket to Ride, 7 Wonders are just a few of the titles. Board Game nights are Monday and Thursday. You are welcome to select a game from our library and play in store any time. (

Magic the gathering. Boosters, Planeswalkers, Bundles, Deck builders tool kit and single cards. See “Tournaments” (

Yugioh:  Boosters, Starter decks and structure deck singles. See “Tournaments” (

Dungeons and Dragons:   There are regular groups playing in store on a Monday and Thursday. We stock Players Handbooks, Monster Manuals and a diverse range of Adventure books, Dice and Character sheets. (

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